43 Years of expertise in travel industry. We provide all-in-one boutique service
that grow your business ensuring your success in market.

Meebang Air Agencies Co., Ltd is founded in 1981 with a vision to introduce beautiful world to Korean People through the best representation service for foreign travel business.

Meebang with its subsidiary company TAMS Inc. offers a wide range of comprehensive services including sales, marketing, pubic relations and customer services to meet all the need of the clients.



Introduce a beautiful world to Korean People
through the best representation service for
foreign travel business


  • Drive success to our client’s business by optimized
    insight and innovate strategy.
  • Build mutual benefits and long-term
    relationship through clients’ satisfaction
  • Make the best workplace where our employees are
    motivated, improved and happy.

We are proud of a long term relationship with the clients based on our proven approach by dynamic sale force Increasing your revenue with unmatched level of market expertise, a solid relation with key travel trade as well as media professionals accumulated over 43 years in travel industry and successful marketing & PR campaigns turning lookers into bookers.

Our partners’ long-term success is always in our mind. As a leading GSA in Korea with a team comprised of the best in travel industry, our clients will be assured of success with the improved presence in Korea by all-in-one boutique service of Meebang & TAMS.


  • 8,160
    Visits to travel agencies
    by 10 sales forces
  • Nationwide 34
    training seminars
    by purpose and target
  • Joint promotions with 43
    commercial brands
    and in-market partners
  • Worked with 159
    high-profile influencers for
    inspirational contents to drive sales
  • 225% increase in
    Social media engagement
  • Increased our client’s web-revenue by 44%
    through strategic advertisement mix
  • Over 800% growth in ROI in
    sales performance through blog marketing


  • Meebang Air
  • 43 years of industry

  • Sales

  • World-wide business
    portfolio ( across globe )

  • Sound finance

  • Award-winning
    marketing strategies

  • Long-term trustful
    relationship with clients

  • Located strategically
    in the heart of Seoul

  • Refined structure to
    collect market intelligence acting
    as your eyes and earsexpertise

  • Tams